Rotaractors Against Malaria

The WHO (World Health Organisation) GTS (Global Technical Strategy for Malaria Elimination 2016-2030) calls for a 90% reduction worldwide by 2030 and elimination of malaria from 35 more countries by 2030.

About 3.2 billion people – nearly half of the world's population – are at risk of malaria.

According to the World Health Organisation Malaria kills one person, somewhere in the world, every 30 seconds. Pregnant women and children under 5 are the most at risk. People living in the poorest countries are the most vulnerable to malaria.

In 2015 there were 214 million cases worldwide and 438,000 deaths. This is only slightly different from 2010, when there were about 219 million malaria cases and an estimated 660,000 malaria deaths. In 2010, 90% of all malaria deaths occurred in the WHO African Region, mostly among children under five years of age. In 2016, PNG has the highest malaria burden outside of Africa.

Chemically impregnated bed nets assist enormously in reducing the incidence of malaria and $10 will purchase a bed net.
Malaria Infographic

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Keep up to date with the world of malaria by reading the World Health Organisation 2015 World Malaria Report  and visiting our news section


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