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Are you interested in the work we are doing to rid the world of Malaria? Are you passionate about other important causes. Rotaract is a worldwide program of Rotary International for 18-30 year olds. So don’t just sit around waiting for the world to change. Join us and make a difference.  

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Attend an Event 

Victorian Malaria Ball: 3rd September 2016 at Melbourne Zoo, details here

Volunteer opportunity: project work in Tanzania and Uganda with Rotarian Malaria Partners in late 2016

Volunteer opportunity: helping to drop bed nets in Papua New Guinea with Rotarians Against Malaria in 2017

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Money Tins 

Many clubs, workplaces and schools collect Fines/Happy Dollars, Swear Jars, 5c pieces etc which they put towards a good cause. So why not Malaria?


Out of school uniform Day

Why not suggest to your school that your next out of school uniform day should go towards helping eliminate Malaria.




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